the 10 commandments

There is only 1 way to serve the perfect Gin & Tonic. It was Erasmus mission to ensure the proper use of his invention. The right glassware, perfect ice cubes, fresh garnishes and the correct proportions are key! So it was, so it is, so it always will be.

Ladies and Gentlemen: the 10 commandments

  1. Take a glass: the one for a proper drink, not the fancy one
  2. Fill it with lots of ice, the bigger the better, cold & dry free of surface water
  3. Pour your favourite gin up to 1/3 of the beaker
  4. Top up with matching Tonic Water
  5. A dash of good bitters is optional
  6. Stir gently, once is enough
  7. Garnish with the oils of a citrus zest
  8. Smile, drink and enjoy
  9. Repeat until truly satisfied
  10. Remember: keep your flowers for the lady

Perfect Serve Chart

by Erasmus bond ™

Perfect Serve Chart