Meet the Guardian Vitas Van de Cauter, Bartender at Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar in Ghent (°1989)

What is it that you look for in a great tonic? What characteristics does it need to have, for you to like it a lot?

For a great Tonic I look for the right amount of bubbles, not too bubbly, not too flat and the perfect bittersweet balance. It also can’t be too flavourful, it has to have a certain neutrality too it so it doesn’t overpower your favourite – insert your choice – Gin. 

We’ve asked you to create your perfect serve. What was the process you went through to create it?

I thought what does Abe (the owner of Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar) like? No, seriously. First I always check the environment, where are we? Which time is it? First drink of the day? Then I’ll go through the different flavour profiles in my head, pick my ‚poison‘ of choice (in this case Death’s Door Gin) and just make a Perfect G&T. I don’t like fancy garnishes or too much garnish ( It often gets too ‚muddy‘, the term I use for when there’s too much going on in a drink that you can’t actually enjoy it), I just enhance or complement one of the key ingredients or flavours of the gin without losing the complexity of it. 

What’s your favourite Erasmus Bond Tonic, and why?

Erasmus Bond Dry, I just like the dryness of it. Not a very original reason, I know.