Meet the Guardian Angelo Jacobs, shop manager TastToe, °1980

What is it that you look for in a great tonic? What characteristics does it need to have, for you to like it a lot?

For me a great tonic needs to be subtle and refreshing, definitely not to aggressive on the kinine. I also think that a great tonic can’t be too sweet.

We’ve asked you to create your perfect serve. What was the process you went through to create it?

Perfect Serve: Darnley’s View Spiced Gin –  Erasmus Bond Botanical Tonic – Cinnamon & orange zest
The first step was selecting the ideal tonic to form a perfect “marriage” with the gin and/or botanicals i’m willing to use, depending what time of the day, how i feel etc…
Chill your glass with the right size/type of ice. Using the right size of ice is very important for me in creating a perfect G&T! Too small or not enough ice will cause your G&T
to dilute way too much! I created some extra aromas with the cinnamon and orange zest matching the profile of the gin. That’s why you have to select it carefully!

One part Gin and 2 part Tonic! Enjoy!!

What’s your favourite Erasmus Bond Tonic, and why?
Erasmus Bond Botanical Tonic due to its refereshing style en depth! Just try and and you’ll know what I mean!